Local Ladies

It seems now a days
all of the professional surfers wives/girlfriends
are becoming swimwear designers.

It may be because of the fact that
they spend 90% of their time on the beach....

and they go to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world....

and they are in a swim suit all day.

But who knows.

Well that is the case for these ladies:

Acacia Swimwear
designed by Lyndie Irons and Naomi Newirth

These girls live on Kaui and yes Lyndie is the widow of the
late and great Andy Irons.

Their swimwear is not for anyone though.

It shows LOTS of skin
but they are incredibly crafted.

Take a look at some of the ones that i think are
really great:
The crochet work is incredible on some of these

This one is very interesting below.
It looks like a two piece from the front but check out the back...It's great incentive for me to work out a little harder
for sure!