I see this one a lot. And it kills me really.

The unflattering, too small, or not tied tight enough bikini top.I am left thinking to myself:
For those of you that are guilty of this:
  1. Get a top that fits your chest. If it doesn't cover all angles of your boobs, don't buy it! Unless it is for someone that really wants to see you look like that. But for the general public, don't.
  2. Tie your top nice and tight. Lift your jewels for heaven's sake!
It's that easy.

Looking to the Past To see the Future

Since there is no big news this week for Monday Media that i know of,
i want to focus more on what has made swimwear what it is today.

Swimwear throughout the century!

Our first look at the past starts in 1942.

Betty Grable.

You know the saying, "Isn't she a betty?"
I am almost positive they are referring to her:
I absolutely love the fact
that these kinds of swimsuit styles are making a comeback!
(ah-hmm: Anthropologie and ModCloth)
From what i hear,
she was the first original pin up girl during the war.

Betty Grable,
Thank you for making wearing a one-piece look goooood!

Stay tuned for more Swimwear throughout the century every Monday

Steals & Deals

I hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving and are getting ready for black friday. There are going to be so many great deals going on!

here is one of them!

Remember the fringe suit i was crushing on about a week ago?

Well.......... guess what?

One is on sale at Swimwear Boutique!
And what do ya know, it has my favorite color of the season,
But it also comes in Black.

Original Price: $123.00
Sale Price: $79.95

What a great way to start out Black Friday!
Have a great weekend everyone and ALOooooooHA!


It was back in 2000.
Yes a decade ago when i first laid eyes on Zimmerman's Victoria Secret collection.
It was a white tankini with a coral design. And it came with a matching floppy hat.

I wanted it soooooo badly!

And right when the summer hit and the pools opened, low and behold, my best friend steps out of her volkswagon in none other than the beloved tankini.

I was so mad! I was so jealous!
I couldn't get it now, because it's just a rule in high school not to wear the same bathing suit as your best friend.

I still love that swimsuit. I still love that designer.

Today i want to showcase just a couple of pieces Zimmerman's 2010-2011 line.
Floral designs and ruffles are where it's at right now.

And i love this simple one piece suit.
Incredibly elegant.


Have a big belly?
Or maybe it's just not the slim and tight mid section you had when you were 16?

My excuse is pregnancy. Completely ruined my mid section.
So obviously, bikini's are a no.

But when looking for a one piece or tankini, keep in mind something with a little tummy control. Or Ruche design.
It helps to hide the belly and midsection from poking out and gives your tummy some support.

Some great sites that carry these kind of swimwear are J.Crew, Newport News and Victoria's Secret.
Hide the belly, and look great at the same time.
It's a win win!

Monday Media

Either you like them or you loath them.But,
The Kardashian girls are everywhere these days.
From fragrances to credit cards.

And look out!
The kardashians are now in the swim world!

The girls joined with Beach Bunny and have produced their own swim collection.

Kourtney showcased more of a sailor look for her collection with lots of navy, white and gold pieces: Kim was thinking more on the lines of snake skin and solids:While Khloe opted for some blue and white tiger stripes:
To see more of their new swim line, you can check it out here.
you be the judge!

Do's and Don'ts

buy a couple yards of hideous nylon fabric
cut it in 5 pieces
and wrap it around your body to somewhat resemble a swimsuit.

Steals & Deals

The best time to buy a swimsuit is to wait after the summer season.
That is when all of the swimwear is on sale!

Right now is kind of an off season, but there are still so many great deals out there.

Like this Guess swimsuit i found at Swimwear Express.I love it!
It has the beautiful floral design with the cutesy ruffles on the top and bottom. It also come with a matching dress!

It was originally: $94.00
But is going for: $49.00!

That my friend, is a steal!


Today we are spotlighting one of my favorite designers,

I love everything she makes. The way she matches her colors to the design of her swimwear is pure genius.

But one suit that i am totally crushing on right now is her one-piece fringe swimsuit.

I have to have this mojave desert suit.
It is amazing!


i was on the beach recently and i saw a woman wearing a bandeau one piece swimsuit. It was really a cute swimsuit.
The only problem was that she had very large breasts.

If you have huge breasts, do not wear a bandeau, unless it has support!

This one is great. Notice how it has the support?

If there is no support,
It will give you the uni-boob.
And make your boobs sag to the ground (like the lady i saw at the beach).

Go for suits that will accentuate your chest and give you the support you need.
How many times can i say support?
Support Support Support!

If you like this suit, you can find it, and more like it here.

Monday Media

This years Miss Reef 2011 contest was this last weekend in Haleiwa.

I'm not really interested who is crowned Miss Reef, so i didn't attend,
but i did want to check out the new Reef Calender. Only because they showcase all their new swimwear.

If you want to see more of their swimwear and get a sneak peek of the calender,
go here.



Let me first introduce myself.
My name is Rebecca and i love swimwear.
I live in Hawaii, so i see swimwear ALL the time. Some of them are good and some of them are.....not so good.

I want to share my passion for swimwear.
And that is what this blog is all about.

Thanks for checking us out!