Forever Rompers

I am totally drooling over
Forever 21's Jumpsuits and Rompers
right now.

I want them all!!!
It's probably the hottest cover-up you can get.
And for a price you can afford!

Pink Damask

I hope all of you have had the chance to check out
Down East Outfitters
from the last time i posted their adorable Tankini.

But they have another one!

And it is super cheap too!
Tankini Top: $32.99

Tankini Bottom: $22.99

Who is ready for summer?

Still Going Strong

I hope all of you are recovering well
from your Easter hangover.

My children and i might need to go into
candy rehab from all the sugar we have consumed these last
two days.

Just call us Candy Crack heads:)

Back to Swimwear shall we?

Do ya'll remember
Body Glove?

When i think of Body Glove, the first thing that comes to mind
is the early 90's bright neon and black
zipper front suits:
Well, they are back in style my friends!

they happen to have all kinds of cute swimwear right now:A great old fashion company still going strong.

I love it!


So one of my girl friends was talking about
how she just got matching
Easter dresses for her two little girls.

I must say i was a little jealous
(in a good way)
because i have only boys.

But when i think of if i had a girl i would
completely skip the traditional dresses:
And opt for the new Roxy dresses they have for little girls:
This has nothing to do with Swimwear. But i'm just sayin'....
not only could you wear it to Sunday Church,
but as a cover up after the beach!


Happy Easter Everyone!

Pastels and Flowers

My Anthropologie magazine came in the mail yesterday
and my jaw dropped when i saw these
soft colored beauties.
They are perfect for Easter:
I hope this last one is in my Easter basket this year.
I Loooooooove it!

Surfing and Swimwear

This really is not breaking news
but it is better late than never right?

Surfing Magazine
came out with their 2011 Swimsuit Issue the beginning of this month
and i think it is still on some news stands along the coastlines.
Or just check out their website to get some good ideas of what all the surf babes are wearing in the water and on the sand.p.s. Happy Hump Day! Middle of the week! I'm excited for Easter, can ya tell?


Aloha everyone!

I have to apologize for the lack of posts,
i have been busy.

Busy starting up my own
Swimwear Company!

How exciting is that??

I am in just the beginning phase right now
but I will update with info on the progress later.

I am really excited and ready to try this out!

Wish me luck!


Spring Sale

Victoria's Secret is already starting their
Spring sale
and that means
Swimwear is going to be on sale!

I really like this string bikini
Triangle Top: $19

Side Tie Bottoms: $10

That is so cheap!

There are so many more suits on sale
so go check them out before they are all gone!

Vibrant Thing

At first
i did not like B.Swim.

I thought their designs were
so so.

But their 2011 collection has got me all wrong!

The colors are alive and vibrant
and the designs are really really fun!:I can't help but think of that
Tribe Called Quest song....
So if you wanna be a vibrant thing
If you want to see where to buy
go here.


Cut Offs

The title pretty much sums it right up.

You can't go to the pool/beach with out 'em.

And i am really liking American Eagle's selection:
I am curious about these lovely loves:
high waist cut offs.....
that could be interesting.

Or if you have a bunch of old pants you don't use
cut them off!
I did a couple pairs just barely and now i wear them all the time
and i love them!

Au Naturel

It's news folks.

They stopped making nylon/spandex swimsuits.

Your all going to have to wear suits like this one from the 1966 movie "One Million B.C.":
April Fools:)

But seriously,
that is one crazy leather bikini if i might say!