It Came!

Guess what i got in the mail this past weekend?

The annual V.S. Swim catalog!

There are some bikini's that are
totally adorable in there.
Like this....
OH! And this.....
And this one i am going to buy
even though i can't wear it
because it is so freakin cute....
Look at the back side
Love the ruffles.
Just love them!

Do's & Don'ts

I don't see this too often.

But when i do,
it kind of makes me cringe.

And i get a bitter beer face.

It's called:

Love Handles with a Monokini

It looks so off!

The monokini is suppose to show off the sides of your tummy, with NO love handles.

One should opt for just a one piece.

That's All.

Steals & Deals

Vitamin A
truly has some amazing swimwear.

And i love the fact that this one
is on sale at swimwear boutique:

Lemon Sorbet, as it is called, is cute for so many different reasons.
But the best reason is because it was....

Originally: $74.00 for the top & $79.00 for the bottom
Sale Price: $44.40 for the top & $47.40 for the bottom

Love it!


I'm gonna be honest.

I am not incredibly familiar with this weeks

With that being said,
I got a chance to read through their website and see the designers
collections and i have to say....
Not too shabby.

Anika Brazil:
Anika sells all over the world and then some.
To find a store or to see more online go here.


I know the early 90's are making a little bit of a come back
with the neon colors and acid colored jeans
and i'm cool with it,
for the most part.

Except for......
super french cut swimsuits.From what i know,
these aren't
and won't be in style any time soon again.....or will they?

I wouldn't wear them!

But i guess if you do,
just don't rat your bangs.
And wear blue eyeshadow.

Thats all.

Looking Back

sorry guys for the drought!
I have a million reason's why,
but i will save it for your sake.
We'll just move on to the more important stuff.
Like Swimwear!

So as you know,
Monday is our "History day".

Today we are looking back at around 1950's....I'm not exactly sure when.

Elizabeth Taylor:
What a great photo, no?

I love the black and white. Liz looks absolutely amazing!