I have always loved crochet
bathing suits.

I almost bought one from V.S.
a couple years back,
but never did.

This one from Undrest just speaks to me:
Very simple
But trendy and comfortable looking.

It is at Urban Outfitters for those who are interested....

Genius i say!

So living in Hawaii we know how
big and powerful waves can be.

Hawaii waves are unlike any other in world.
And with waves like that you can imagine
how harsh the wipe outs can be.

So when my husband showed me this video
on the new wetsuits that Billabong is coming out with
i was shocked.

What a fantastic and genius idea!
And guess who is the inspiration behind all of this:

Shane Dorian

Check it out:

I can't wait to see how this will affect the surf industry and the
wetsuit industry as well.

Show It!

I'm not talking about skin.

You don't have to show everything to be sexy.

Confidence is sexy.

Be confident with your self!

You don't have to be a super model to be confident
on the beach (note to self).
Just be happy and comfortable with you.

Now that is sexy:)


Just like everyone at one point in their life
(preferably high school years)
i too was in love with
Abercrombie and Fitch.

I still buy things occasionally from there
if they are having a good sale.
And today they are!
Heather Bikini Top
Was: $34
Now: $23.80

Heather Bottoms
Was: $28
Now: $19.60

They have so many more fun
bikini's for sale
so go check them out
before they are all gone!

Chio Di Please

The first time i ever laid eyes on
Chio Di Stefania D
was just looking around at
Swimwear Boutique online
i was in awe.

I saw this one piece suit
and fell in love:

This designer is
incredibly chic and full of life and color:
p.s. for those of you that are wondering
i had a lovely trip
and i am back just loving the ocean breeze and palm trees again:)


I am off to the Main land for the weekend
and i am literally packing as we speak.

As i was looking to see what shoes to take with me,
i saw my most favorite shoes
in the whole wide world:
My light brown Rainbow Sandals.

They have lasted me a life time
and are sooooooooooo comfortable.

A true classic sandal!

For those of you who are wondering where you can
get you some,
they sell them at Nordstroms.
But if you happen to be in South Orange county California,
stop by their warehouse in San Clemente.They have hundreds of sandals ready for you to try on
and you can get your picture taken next to their
giant sandal in the front!

So me and my rainbows will have to say
to all of you until next week!

Have a great weekend!


Swim Show 2012

I am so wishing that i could
justify flying to miami
for the 2012 Swim Show.

Watching the runway shows....
Seeing all of the Vendors......
And possibly meeting a designer.....
T'would be a dream come true.

I will just keep wishing.....

How does that 50's song go?
Dreeeeeeeam, Dream Dream Dreeeam!

High Heels + Sand = No No

It just doesn't look right
when you see a girl walking on the beach
with high heels:
We all know Katy Perry
thinks sand in her stilleto's are okay,
but honestly,
it just looks down right silly:
So kick off your heels
and let the sand naturally exfoliate
those feet of yours:


Newport News sometimes makes me think of my mom.

The bottoms are all high waist and the suits are more geared for
a conservative clientel.

With that said,
i found a tankini top that i really like:
It is very interesting to me.
And i really like the twisted string ties.

it is on sale!

It was $39.00
Sale price $34.00

Not too shabby.


about a week ago
i was on the beach watching my family
surf and play in the shore.
When i look over to my right
i see these two ladies
under a beach umbrella.
One was a very gorgeous blonde
and the other was Sofia Beschen.

Sofia Beschen is the owner of
Chama Swimwear.

She is stunning!

And so is her swimwear:

My favorite one is the sporty style with the boy shorts.
So cute!

In a Pickle

i am so bummed!

I ordered this adorable one piece suit:
And i love it so much!

Then i get in the mail
the new J.Crew catalog and i am drooling.

Love this one.
It is so different from what j.crew typically comes out with.
And very stylish.
I want it so bad!
It is so classy and simple.
A white one piece is hard to find.
And this one has just the right amount of stripes and looks incredibly comfortable.
And then i see this.
Beautiful floral swimsuit.

See what i mean?
I am in quite the pickle.....

I want another suit!
Which one do you like the best?

Oh Farrah

The most iconic swimwear photo in the 1970's:
Farrah Fawcett in her bronze one piece suit.

Her best photo ever.

Every young boy in the 1970-80's would have to say
it was the best photo ever too.