Grab a chair,
maybe an umbrella if you want some shade,
and just

It's good for you.

That is exactly what i am going to do today.

Aloha everyone!

Down with the East

I am absolutely loving this tankini from

The color is clean and crisp and will look so cute by the pool this summer.

And it is incredibly affordable!

Tankini Top: $32.99

Bottoms: $22.99

Now that's a steal!


Aqua Bendita.

For the bohemian type of lady.

Lots of colors
Fun designsBut i must say,
their one pieces are interesting.

I would stick with the bikini's and call the one pieces good.

Beads and Leather

I am loving these beaded leather sandals from
They look comfy and cute and i could definitely see my feet inside of them!

Thank you reef for making one of the best sandals out there.

Bond Babes

Back in 1962
Ursula Andres
played the beautiful Bond babe and made history with her unforgettable belted bikini,
complete with knife:
Then in 2002
Halle Berry
starred in Die another Day and
did a remake of the whole thing:

Which suit do you like better?
or Halle?

For me,
i like Ursula.

Originality i guess.

What do you think?

Socks? Really?


Wear socks to the beach!

Tan legs and white feet?

Floral Fun

I really like this tankini from Delias:And guess what?
It is so cheap!

Tankini top original price: $29.50
Tankini top sale price: $24.50

Bottoms original price: $29.50
Bottoms sale price: $24.50

Man, i love seeing a good deal.

I hope you do too!

Local Ladies

It seems now a days
all of the professional surfers wives/girlfriends
are becoming swimwear designers.

It may be because of the fact that
they spend 90% of their time on the beach....

and they go to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world....

and they are in a swim suit all day.

But who knows.

Well that is the case for these ladies:

Acacia Swimwear
designed by Lyndie Irons and Naomi Newirth

These girls live on Kaui and yes Lyndie is the widow of the
late and great Andy Irons.

Their swimwear is not for anyone though.

It shows LOTS of skin
but they are incredibly crafted.

Take a look at some of the ones that i think are
really great:
The crochet work is incredible on some of these

This one is very interesting below.
It looks like a two piece from the front but check out the back...It's great incentive for me to work out a little harder
for sure!


Today's lovely loves
goes to

My goodness their cover-up are just darn lovely.....
and expensive.....
but lovely.


As we all know,
there was huge devastation in Japan.


My heart aches for them.

And to think that being here in Hawaii
so close to Japan,
we weren't hit with the tsunami is
something short of a miracle.

The day after the tsunami scare here,
the beaches were empty.

I looked out my kitchen window and watched the waves.
They were so smooth and calm.
I couldn't help but think
that across that ocean
is a country that is suffering.

It could have been us too.

Please do your part and help Japan.
Be it prayers, donations, whatever.
Just keep them in your thoughts:)


Bare Bottom

When i first moved to Hawaii
i was surprised at how many Mothers
let their babies go bare bummed at the beach.

And i judged them for it.

"How could they let their babies be naked in front of all of these beach goers....what if there is some sick person staring at them....blah blah blah."

Shame on me.

Who was i to judge?!
And further more,
the babies loved it.

I was too worried about what other people where thinking to just let my child go loose.

So i tried it.

There was no one around
and i slipped off my youngest son's diaper....
and he was in heaven!

We hardly bring diapers to the beach any more.

So today's "DO" is chill out, let loose and let your kid go bare bummed
at least once in their life.

Don't judge and just do it.

I had to share this photo of Giselle with her cute little one and his bare bum.
So cute!

Spots and Stripes

I haven't posted about Tankini's for a while.

For all of you tankini lovers
this one is for you:

Target has some really fun tankini's right now,
And they are so darn cheap!
Polka Dot Tankini top: $19.99Stripe Tankini top: $18.00

I love target:)

(who doesn't....)

BillaBong Baby

Everyone knows Billabong.

They have been around a long time.

And i sometimes forget about them.


I saw their Spring 2011 collection and was wonderfully refreshed
as to why i like them in the first place:

So when you go swimsuit shopping,
don't forget to take a peak at Billabong.


I am really liking these sunglasses from
right nowAnd guess what?
They are only ten bucks at Swell!


Miss Gidget

Check out this photo of
Sally Field
playing gidget in the 1950's:
The start of the Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!

Let's just hope that thing in her hand isn't an explosive....

Umbrella at the Beach

I truly respect and give big credit
to women that wear modest swimsuits.

I think it is much more classy to cover up
then to let it all hang out,
ya know what i mean?

But this is just taking it to a whole new level:

What. On. Earth?

Did the designer disassemble a beach umbrella and turn it into a

Good grief.

Here is a swim dress from Newport News that is
modest and sexy at the same time:
Muuuuuuch Better!

Frill Me

We all love Seafolly.
And we all love when it is on sale too.Original Price for the Top: $64.00
Sale Price for the Top: $48.00

Original Price for Bottoms: $64.00
Sale Price for Bottoms: $48.00

I am pretty sure this sale isn't going to last very long
so if you want to buy this now
go here.