Bare Bottom

When i first moved to Hawaii
i was surprised at how many Mothers
let their babies go bare bummed at the beach.

And i judged them for it.

"How could they let their babies be naked in front of all of these beach goers....what if there is some sick person staring at them....blah blah blah."

Shame on me.

Who was i to judge?!
And further more,
the babies loved it.

I was too worried about what other people where thinking to just let my child go loose.

So i tried it.

There was no one around
and i slipped off my youngest son's diaper....
and he was in heaven!

We hardly bring diapers to the beach any more.

So today's "DO" is chill out, let loose and let your kid go bare bummed
at least once in their life.

Don't judge and just do it.

I had to share this photo of Giselle with her cute little one and his bare bum.
So cute!