I came across this designer on accident really.
I was looking for something else and there it was!

And boy was i glad that it was there!

JETS by Jessika Allen is absolutely incredible swimwear.

I am not sure if you have noticed yet,
but i love one pieces.
I just do.
And Jessika Allen designs incredible one pieces:
Just Stunning.

To find a store near you or an online store that carries JETS
Go Here

For the Groms

Are you one of those parents that
want to pass down your
amazing fashion skills on to your

This is the site for you:

Up & Riding

They have the coolest and trendiest
stuff for your grom.

And not the kind of stuff that will make
them look like a kook. Or a barney.

If i had a little girl,
she would be wearing this to the beach
But since i have all boys
I will just have to opt for these
So freakin' cute.


So this last week was the publishing of
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

The first thing that comes to my mind is
provocative poses and skimpy models.

But my second thought that comes to my mind
is all of the new swimwear.

If you aren't so much interested in looking at the
magazine and more into what's hot and new
Go here.
It is the complete directory of all of the swimwear.

And if you want to see the full thing,
go to your nearest store and i am sure it is on the magazine rack.

That's all:)

Low. Ri.Der

For today's Do's and Don't
it's a do.


(bikini courtesy of V.S.)
Low Ride.

Not too low
but low.

High rise bottoms
are out!

That's all.

Seeing Spots

I love swimwear Boutique.
And i love even more when they have
super cute swimwear on sale!

Kristi Grinna is the designer for this pink and white bikini.
It's so cute, it's got me seeing dots....or spots....or i don't even know,
but i love it!
I especially love the gold chain accent.

Original Price for the Top: $89.00
Sale Price for the Top: $62.30

Original Price for the Bottoms: $88.00
Sale Price for the Bottoms: $61.60


If you are someone who wants to look
Not only sexy and comfortable by the pool,
but classy as well.

There is only one word for you.


Their 2011 Swim line has Class written all over them.
Their prints are beautiful.
The designs are clean and simple.And the colors will take your breath away.They look so comfortable as well.
I have owned many a J.Crew swimsuits in my day and i must say how incredibly comfortable they are.
The quality of their fabric is impeccable.

We love you.


I really love this cover up from
Alloy of all places!
It would look so hot with a floppy hat and some big sunglasses.
keep it casual with a leather belt (as seen) and some leather sandals.

Guys Guys Guys

I hate to cancel out men on this blog because
men's swimwear is such a huge market,
and is probably bigger than women's swimwear.

So i am sorry to any of you men who feel left out.

That being said,
today is dedicated to the "Man".

Check out these swim outfits from the 1910's!

Oh Boy!
We really have come a long way
haven't we?

And they look very handsome,
in a weird vintage kind of way.