It was back in 2000.
Yes a decade ago when i first laid eyes on Zimmerman's Victoria Secret collection.
It was a white tankini with a coral design. And it came with a matching floppy hat.

I wanted it soooooo badly!

And right when the summer hit and the pools opened, low and behold, my best friend steps out of her volkswagon in none other than the beloved tankini.

I was so mad! I was so jealous!
I couldn't get it now, because it's just a rule in high school not to wear the same bathing suit as your best friend.

I still love that swimsuit. I still love that designer.

Today i want to showcase just a couple of pieces Zimmerman's 2010-2011 line.
Floral designs and ruffles are where it's at right now.

And i love this simple one piece suit.
Incredibly elegant.